Thursday, March 22, 2007

All souped up

The sun is smiling, barrel-chested robins are hopping through soggy yards, and the rhododendrons are promising purple buds soon. A day of possibilities and silent oaths wouldn't be complete without our favorite little liquid indulgence, the lemon chicken soup from True Thai in the Seward neighborhood, at the corner of 26th and Franklin.

This stuff is loaded with promises and surprises. One sip or bite or gulp of the creamy coconut soup gets you a mouthful of shiitake mushrooms, in another you'll find lemony delicious and thinly sliced white chicken breast, another you'll discover giant basil leaves and fresh coriander soaked to perfection in the ivory coconut goodness. Every spoonful and forkful (it comes with jasmine rice for your soaking pleasure) feels all new and exciting. Even after a steady diet of only lemon chicken soup, it never feels stale and dull and same ol' "let's just sit here on this sunken-in couch and watch a movie and not talk and then fall asleep and stumble into that lonely place called a bedroom for the umpteenth time in a row."

Oh, no. This soup is nothing like that. It's so rewarding and fresh each time that you just might want to pour it into your mouth from a giant ladle, or a plastic measuring cup, or gulp it directly from the bowl like a feral beast, just to ensure you don't miss any of the lemony flavors, the zest of the Thai chilis, the sweetness of the coconut milk, and all of the little surprises that come with it.

True Thai:, 2627 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, 612.375.9942

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